This site started out, a few years ago, as a place to document my projects. At first, I was building stripper kayaks, a Guillemot, and an Explorer. As things developed, I began to research Teardrop Trailers, and I was "hooked"! Although I still have the boat building journals on this site, my focus for the last three years, has been building wooden Teardrop Trailers. I have, as of this update (October, 2007) built five, one-of-a-kind wooden Teardrop Trailers. In fact, I have written a builder's manual which details the methods which I have developed in teardrop construction. These methods save time, your back, and allow the finishing of the project "from the inside-out".

I am currently seeking to build custom wooden Teardrop Trailers. I have built and sold four of the five documented on this site, and others. If you like what you see, and would like to discuss a project, please contact me!

For a peek into the world of Teardrop Trailers, and other Tiny Trailers, check out T&TTT Forum. Here, you'll find a great bunch of folks, lots of information and solid advice, as well as, ideas for your own Custom Project!

     As you can imagine, maintaining these journals can be time consuming. Space for these journals is expensive. If you feel that this site, and the building information is worthwhile, please consider supporting the site. Just give whatever you think having this site is worth. No matter what, I will continue to add information to the site for all to use freely.


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